About Block X

Block X has assembled a team of highly accomplished investors, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to facilitate public investment in blockchain and other emerging technology. The Block X team is convinced of the transformative power of blockchain technology – and the potential it holds to create value for both investors and society as a whole.

As investment opportunities abound in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, separating fact from fiction and discerning which companies will yield positive returns is becoming an increasingly challenging task. Block X enables investors to take advantage of the wealth of venture capital and corporate experience of our leadership group and leverage their ability to analytically approach each investment opportunity.

Why Block X?


The Block X team is comprised of successful venture capitalists, founders and executives who have managed and grown multiple companies to billion dollar valuations in the technology sector. The management group has built an extraordinary network of contacts that help keep them informed and provide them with access to proprietary deal flow in blockchain and other emerging technologies. Block X leverages this team and network to provide you with stable returns and exposure to only the most promising investment opportunities.


Block X seeks to empower the bold forward-thinking visionaries building the innovative technology of tomorrow by providing them with the capital necessary to grow. Our investment philosophy is in many ways reflected by our due diligence process which emphasizes quality over quantity. We understand that truly transformative technology takes time, both to be developed and adopted at scale, and preach patience over panic with regards to investment.


Blockchain has widely been recognized as a foundational technology that bears the potential to usher in a new era in the Internet’s evolution, from an Internet of Information to an Internet of Value. It threatens to reshape the way countless industries conduct business by creating a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates trust between two otherwise unknown parties. Much as the widespread adoption of the Internet created tech titans like Google and Facebook, the pioneering companies of blockchain today stand to create enormous value for investors and society alike.